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A New Chapter by Cara

A New Chapter

Created by: Cara

Medium: Digital


Year: 2022 

Description of Art Piece

This piece is titled “A New Chapter”, where a mother and daughter start afresh on a new chapter in their lives. They leave behind the pain and destruction of the past, and turn the page to build a new life filled with joy and warmth.

Cara's feelings and thoughts when creating "A New Chapter"

Upon reading the story of someone who had experienced domestic violence, sadness and anger stirred up in me. The pain and suffering that both mother and daughter had to go through is unimaginable. “A New Chapter” seeks to show a contrast between the dark past and a brighter future that lies ahead for them. In the illustration, the mother-and-daughter pair are strong women that have courageously closed a chapter of their lives to embark on a new one. Together, they will be able to build a home and life that is filled with love. I hope that this piece inspires someone who needs it, to turn the page and start anew.

Cara's hope for women who have suffered or are suffering from domestic abuse

No one should have to go through what these women went through and I hope for much brighter days ahead for them.

Behind the scenes of "A New Chapter" by Cara

Hope by Aida Haron


Created by: Aida Haron

Medium: Mixed Media on                    Basswood 

Size: 30cm x 20cm

Year: 2022

Description of Art Piece and Aida's feelings and thoughts when creating "Hope"

I am a mother and nothing touches me more than another mother who has to deal with an abusive or failed marriage, with children in tow. We can only imagine how these women suffer deep emotional and mental stress, endure the upheavals in family life, as well as the nightmare of providing a safe physical home amidst the chaos of changes. The idea of this piece came from wanting to include the words from the women. It was important to read them, have the words etched into our awareness and believe there is hope, even if it only glimmers around the edges of much sadness. The central design signifies a mother and children trying to move away from the painful circumstances. Surrounding the figures, there are textures on the surface faintly visible, emphasising how abuse is often hidden or unclear. Magenta, a purple pink, is a colour associated with royalty - women are the Queens in their families, they should have the power to choose and steer their own journeys in life.

Aida's hope for women who have suffered or are suffering from domestic abuse

Women are stronger than they realise, with more resources and agencies that can help

Never be gone by Jessie

Never be gone

Created by: Jessie

Medium: Acrylic on canvas,               dried flowers, glue               residue

Size: 40(w) x 50(h)

Year: 2022

Description of Art Piece and Jessie's feelings and thoughts when creating "Never be gone"

After reading the stories of the women, I thought of the women as most vulnerable to emotions but the vulnerability also strengthens their patience. Courage comes in many forms and every individual have their own ways to overcome. While creating the piece, I thought of flowers as a symbol of organic love towards their children: colorful and strong but faded in juxtaposition that they may need moral support and love; they may not show their vulnerability. 

Jessie's hope for women who have suffered or are suffering from domestic abuse

Empowering your own life is to take charge of yourself, not others.