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Image by Khara Woods
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Aida Haron

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"My name is Aida Haron and I am a maker, a mixed media and watercolour artist. Since secondary school, Art has always been an expressive channel and though I am not trained, I’ve had numerous opportunities to explore many genres. For over fifteen years, I’ve worked with a Singapore crafting shop and US manufacturers of mixed media art products to teach Assemblage workshops, a type of 3-dimensional art using found, vintage themed items. The Covid shutdown affected all of us badly, and it was during this time I started accepting art commissions, painted wall murals, conducted small group private workshops and created a line of watercolour abstract art available at an online surface pattern platform."

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Artist photo - Cara.HEIC

Cara Wong

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"I’m a digital illustrator based in sunny Singapore. I often illustrate tiny humans navigating the world around them and my work aims to bring a sense of calmness into our busy lives. You can find me on Instagram where I post my illustrated work and commissions!"


Christine R. Bay

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"I am a pop-surrealist, illustrator and maker based in the sunny island of Singapore; and I dabble in various traditional, digital and mixed media. My works mostly revolve around using human portraits as a representation of the story I want to tell and the values I wants to convey. I also play a lot on symbolisms via surreal elements that I include in my artworks. Being a maker, I sometimes incorporate various crafting skills into my pieces." 

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Jessie Lim

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"My work explores the relationship between bodily and spatial experiences. With influences as diverse as Nietzsche, Guy Debord and Jacques Derrida, new insights are generated from both constructed and discovered narratives. Attempting to make meaning of the influx of visual simulation, semiotics, and values depending upon the culture, it had permeated out personal space in a complexed city. The body’s individualism responds differently to aspects of explorative methods and questioning.”

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